Saturday, March 17, 2007

Feedback on Saffron Trail

This is the official bouquets and brickbats (and queries) page for the Saffron Trail blog.

What inspired me to start this page were a couple of mails in the last two days from two very happy people. One had found a recipe she was searching for long, something her mom used to make and she wanted to recreate her mom's magic. Sharing my mom's version of that 'something' she was yearning for could take her back to the times she shared with her mom. That was extremely touching for me and she was nice enough to make me feel good about spending hours on writing and sharing my food experiences.

The other mail was from someone in my city, who had liked the simplicity of an everyday subzi and thought of writing to me, making me believe in the fact that simple is indeed beautiful.

The purpose of this page is to have a general interaction with my readers about anything mentioned in the blog. This is especially useful about old posts, because readers tend to think that comments left on old posts may be missed or go unanswered.

This feedback page is not restricted to bouquets and warm hugs alone. If you tried out something I've shared and you didn't think the end result was correct / good enough, please write back and I shall see where I have gone wrong. Blogging for me is a process of continuous learning. Learning to write enchantingly yet from the heart, learning to photograph in such a way that the person seeing it feels like recreating it in his /her kitchen and learning the art of precision. Although most of my recipes use simple ingredients available in most kitchens,for me -any waste of food is a crime, especially being from a country where many people are not lucky enough to have two square meals. So I sincerely wish that anything you've tried from my blog never goes waste. If it is a matter of not sharing my taste of a certain food, then of course it is a different story.

How can you use this page
  • What you've tried and liked from Saffron Trail
  • Any queries about a certain ingredient - nutritionally or otherwise
  • Any queries about what more can be done with a certain ingredient - for eg. If you've bought black chick peas for a certain recipe, you may want to have more uses for it than just one recipe
  • Any recipe where you don't find the instructions simple / clear enough to follow
  • Any traditional Tamil Brahmin recipe you are searching for. I could ask my elders at home and help you with it

Leave your feedback in the comments section with a brief, relevant title such as :
Brickbat etc.

I shall reply back to your query as soon as I have the relevant answers.

Thanks again for all the love and encouragement!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Recipe Index

Tamil Brahmin Recipes - Salads and drinks
Panakam and Kosumalli
Masala Mor (Spicy buttermilk)
Pomegranate rasam
Pumpkin Pachidi

Tamil Brahmin recipes - Sambars, Kozhambu and Kootu
Beetroot sambhar (Beets and lentils in a thick soup)
Vengaya Sambar (onion sambar)
Carrot Sambar
Pavakkai / Parikkai Pitla (bittergourd sambar)

Thalagam (Spicy curry as accompaniment to rice)
Mor Kozhambu (buttermilk curry)
Red Chauli beans kootu
Keerai Milagoottal / Keerai Koottaan (Spinach and lentils)
Pudalankai Kootu (Snakegourd)

Tamil Brahmin Recipes - Vegetables, Rice Dishes
Potato roast
Avarakkai Curry (Sword beans dry curry)
Vendakkai Curry (Okra dry curry)
Peerkangai Thuvaiyal (Ridgegourd chutney)
Kathrikkai podi curry (Brinjal curry with lentil powder)
Kovakkai Paruppu Usili (Ivy gourd with lentils)
Plantain pith curry
Vazhakkai CUrry (plantain dry curry)
Thuvaiyal (Spread)

Tamil Brahmin Recipes - Tiffin items
Tengai chutney (Coconut chutney)
Upma kozhakattai (Steamed rice dumplings)
Arisi Upma
Poori Kizhangu
Onion Rava Dosai

Tamil Brahmin Recipes - Sweets and Festival Foods
Teratti paal (Traditional milk fudge)
Cashew payasam (Sweetened cashew milk)
Vegetable Dishes and Curries
Legumes and Pulses
Snacks, Salads, Starters, Soups
Baking - Muffins, Cakes etc.
Morning glory muffins
Apple Fig and Poppyseed Muffins
Yogurt Muffins
Rice, Noodles, Pasta
Quick Dinners
Indian Sweets and Desserts
Dudhi halwa (bottle gourd fudge)